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Stalk Me by Jillian Dodd review

BAMF Review by HEATHER<3

“You’re single. I’m single. Let’s mingle.”

4 hilarious STARS!  

Stalk Me was a funny, light read, it’s the first of a 6 book series. This is not a deep, make you think about the world in a new light, type of book. It’s the, I need a fun break, book. I enjoyed Jillian Dodd’s writhing style; this was the first of her book that I’ve read. I felt Jillian was making fun of the in-crowd, while still getting you invested into the storyline. I even had to read a couple of passages to my husband, so we could laugh together.

 Keatyn Douglas is 15, beautiful, popular, and has a perfect scripted out life. But what seems to be perfect on the outside isn’t always the case. Keatyn has no shortage of love interests.  I’m not sure she’ll ever be able to settle down with the amount of hotties! She’s in love with her best friend, but her other best friend is in love with her. She’s popular, but at what cost? Her mom and step-dad are famous movie stars, but are her friends only around for the fame? And what’s the deal with her mom’s creepy stalker?

 This is definitely a Mature YA book, there’s underage drinking, drugs, and sex. So not for the younger crowd, but still set in high school. It’s not my usual read, but in this story, everything worked. I enjoyed that there was nothing huge going on, it was light and airy, and just what I needed after some deep reads.  I look forward to seeing what else is to come for Keatyn and her life, and am definitely buying some more of Jillian Dodd’s writing! And I am 100% Team Cush!!

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Rock The Heart Blog Tour Stop!

Welcome to Words stop on the Rock The Heart Blog Tour!! 

Enjoy the excerpt and the bio for the twins Trip and Tyke


"We approach the two men my hand still in Noel's firm grasp. I try to
pull away, but he tightens his hold. It's apparent I'm not getting
away from him.
The guy with jet black hair and a bandanna tied around his head looks
up and elbows the blonde guy. They both grin as we approach.
You didn't tell us she was unbelievably hot, Noel, bandanna guy says.
My eyes drop down to the ground, and I run my hand through my hair. I
can't believe he just called me hot. No guy has ever called me hot to
my face before. Well, other than Noel, but we have history together.
Most guys just refer to me as cute or pretty, but never hot. Are all
rock stars so freaking forward?
Noel punches the guy in the shoulder. Don't be a douche, Trip. Lane,
this asshole is Trip Douglas, one of the best drummers in the
Trip shakes my hand and glances sideways at Noel with a cocky grin.
The best fucking drummer in the business.
The blonde guy beside Trip chuckles and looks at me. Noel's right.
Trip is kind of an asshole. But, unfortunately, I've always had to put
up with him. Tyke Douglas. Tyke holds out his hand. The asshole is
my brother. My twin actually, but please don't hold that against me.
And, oh yeah, I play bass in the band.
I smile at both of them. Now that he mentioned twins, I can totally
see the resemblance. The stark contrasts of hair color make them look
completely different. Noel's hand grazes the skin on the small of my
back. Lanie Vance. It's very nice to meet you both.
Tyke looks at Noel. She's too sweet. You sure you want to bring her
on that bus with us?
Trip laughs. Especially around Riff. You better not turn your back,
bro. He'll be all over that shit."

Trip & Tyke

■Character Name: Trip Douglas
■Birth Date: October 14th
■Place of Birth: Ashland, Kentucky
■Current Residence: Paintsville, Kentucky
■Height: 6’1”
■Weight: 195
■Hair Color: Black
■Hair Length: Short
■Eye Color: Green
■Tattoos: Sleeves on both arms, back, and chest
■Educational History: High School graduate
■Work History: Drummer of Black Falcon
■Quirks: Wears bandanna on his head, being an identical twin
■Key Adult Experiences: Achieving musical fame
Trip Douglas (born October 14th), is the drummer for the American heavy metal band Black Falcon. Trip is best known for being the crazier of the two Douglas Twins. His triple-thumping foot pedal sound became a trademark for the band.
Trip began playing instruments under the guidance of his musician father along side his twin brother Tyke, but his interest in playing in a band grew once he discovered his love for hard rock music. He joined a band called Dingy while in high school with his brother Tyke and his best friend Zachary ‘Riff’ Oliver. Later the band was renamed to Black Falcon after the addition of the bands new front man, Noel Falcon.
Trip also enjoys extreme spots, such as dirt bike riding, rock climbing, and sky diving, making him the most adventuress member of the band. His dream is to one day climb Mount Everest.

■Character Name: Tyke Douglas
■Birth Date: October 14th
■Place of Birth: Ashland, Kentucky
■Current Residence: Paintsville, Kentucky
■Height: 6’1”
■Weight: 190
■Hair Color: Blonde
■Hair Length: Shaggy
■Eye Color: Green
■Tattoos: Sleeves on both arms, back, and chest
■Educational History: High School graduate
■Work History: Bassist of Black Falcon
■Quirks: Frequently wears sunglasses, and loves organization
■Key Adult Experiences: Achieving musical fame
Tyke Douglas (born October 14th), is the bassist for the American heavy metal band Black Falcon. Tyke is best known for being a key song writer for the band. His obsession with detail always seems to push the songs to a level of perfection rarely achieved by bands.
Tyke also enjoys the arts, attending gallery openings and poetry events whenever his schedule allows, making him the most cultured member of the band. His dream is to one day branch out and share his other artistic abilities with the world is something he hopes to accomplish in the very near future.

Combined Bios:
Trip and Tyke began playing instruments under the guidance of his musician father along side each other, but their interest in playing in a band grew once they discovered a mutual love for hard rock music. They joined a band called Dingy while in high school with their best friend Zachary ‘Riff’ Oliver. Later the band was renamed Black Falcon after the addition of the bands new front man, Noel Falcon.
The band’s first record, Hell in a Handbasket, went double platinum selling band, making Black Falcon a forced to be reckoned with. They’ve put out two additional albums since then, and their latest single Ball Busting Bitch is currently on Billboard’s Top 40.
They currently reside in Kentucky near their other band mates.

Now that you've had a taste and met the twins, go buy Rock The Heart!! On sale now!!


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Rock The Heart by Michelle A. Valentine

Warmth spreads clear down to my toes. The things a simple kiss from this man can do to me are unreal. It should be against the law for someone to be so hot and sweet. It’s definitely an instant panty wetting combination.

Damn it. I’m in trouble.

“Kisses aren't very professional, Noel.”

He bursts out in laughter and pats my thigh again. “I kind of like this whole hard-to-get game. It’s going to make the sex that much better.”

 Rock The Heart is a fun and sexy afternoon read that will make you pant and fall for hot rocker boys and who doesn't love a bad boy with smirk and an instrument? I know I'm not immune to their sexy magic. 

 The story follows the band Black Falcon's lead singer Noel Falcon as he is reunited with his high school sweetheart Lanie Vance who broke his heart. We quickly get swept up in their story of lost love and perhaps second chances? The story flowed well and moved quickly leaving no dull moments (BONUS!) with characters that were entertaining and easy to like. The smoochy/sex scenes were fan yourself hot and were not at all overdone thus letting you be in the moment with Noel and Lane. There were several moments where I laughed out loud and I felt easily hooked into the story and genuinely wanted to know what would happen next. 

 This was a great first novel and I say with sincere enthusiasm that I hope to hear more about the other members of Black Falcon and about Dark Embrace's Striker (um yes please!) because seriously a lead singing, confident bad boy with a sexy smirk AND a British accent.. pbbt I'm there! 

Rock The Heart will be available on Nov. 20th, 2012!!

Rock The Heart Dream Cast

Noel, Riff, Trip, Tyke and Striker

Music That Inspired Black Falcon!

A Review of Slammed by Colleen Hoover

5+ MEGA STARS!! I do not even know where to begin for this review. I am beyond picky with my books. I very rarely give out higher than 4 stars. Slammed would have 6 stars if I could. I was touched in ways I did not even know possible. I was skeptical to even begin Slammed, how can a new indie author have almost all perfect reviews, and who is The Avett Brothers?! But I pushed on and took a leap of faith based upon Tina Reber's recommendation. So here we go...

Slammed. Lake and Will. Lake is a 18 year old girl moving from her hometown with her mom and little brother after her dad dies. Lake is not happy about this. It does make more sense later in the book. Lake immediately meets the boy next door, Will. They have an instant amazing connection and bond over a band called The Avett Bros. I was skeptical about this part, but you will become a fan after reading, they're amazing, and the quotes are perfect. Will does something called Slamming. It is a type of poetry I had never heard of, but does actually exist. You pay a small fee, and get up on stage and slam your feelings. It was how they really expressed their emotions when they couldn't sat them to each other. Lake and Will have so many obstacles to overcome, and I want to scream about them from the rooftop, but it would spoil the whole story. And look out for the brothers. They are hilarious. 

Please, everybody just read this book. It is something everybody should read. I love Colleen Hoovers writing, she was able to come up with an original story line which is not easy to do. Love Slammed!

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Upcoming Rock The Heart blog tour dates!

Hosted by Holly over at

Stop by Word on 11/26 
for an excerpt plus Trip and Tyke's Bios!!

If you want to catch up on the teasers you can find them on Michelle's website:

Included on the tour will be interviews, excerpts from Rock The Heart, reviews,  member bios and chances to win a copy of the book!!!

11/21- Interview with Noel & Lane

11/21- Excerpt

11/22- Review & Noel bio

11/23- Interview with Riff

11/24- Interview with Trip & Tyke

11/25- Interview with Michelle & excerpt

11/25-  Excerpt & Striker's bio

11/26-  Riff's bio

11/26- excerpt & Trip & Tyke bio's

11/27- Interview with Striker

11/28-  Book review