Thursday, November 15, 2012

A Review of Slammed by Colleen Hoover

5+ MEGA STARS!! I do not even know where to begin for this review. I am beyond picky with my books. I very rarely give out higher than 4 stars. Slammed would have 6 stars if I could. I was touched in ways I did not even know possible. I was skeptical to even begin Slammed, how can a new indie author have almost all perfect reviews, and who is The Avett Brothers?! But I pushed on and took a leap of faith based upon Tina Reber's recommendation. So here we go...

Slammed. Lake and Will. Lake is a 18 year old girl moving from her hometown with her mom and little brother after her dad dies. Lake is not happy about this. It does make more sense later in the book. Lake immediately meets the boy next door, Will. They have an instant amazing connection and bond over a band called The Avett Bros. I was skeptical about this part, but you will become a fan after reading, they're amazing, and the quotes are perfect. Will does something called Slamming. It is a type of poetry I had never heard of, but does actually exist. You pay a small fee, and get up on stage and slam your feelings. It was how they really expressed their emotions when they couldn't sat them to each other. Lake and Will have so many obstacles to overcome, and I want to scream about them from the rooftop, but it would spoil the whole story. And look out for the brothers. They are hilarious. 

Please, everybody just read this book. It is something everybody should read. I love Colleen Hoovers writing, she was able to come up with an original story line which is not easy to do. Love Slammed!

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