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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Take this Regret by AL Jackson review

                                                              Take this Regret 
                                           By: AL Jackson  

                                                                 **5 Stars**
They say cowards run in the face of danger or pain. I supposed that’s what I was, what I’d become, too fearful to love, too fearful to be loved, too afraid to live- so I ran.                                                 All of AL Jackson’s books give me the same feeling. I can feel every word in the pit of my stomach. She portrays light and dark, soft and deep, all in the same sentence. We get to see this story through both Elizabeth and Christian’s POV (alternating chapters), and this made the story whole. It was necessary to feel both their pains. I thought Pulled was as emotional as a book could get, I was wrong.                                                                                                                                                   My soul mourned for what it had lost, for every day I had lived without them, for every moment wasted, for time that could not be reclaimed.                                                                                        Christian and Elizabeth had their whole lives mapped out in front of them. Both would be starting law school soon, and were madly in love. What happens when something changes in your plan? Do you face it, or do you run? Sometimes true love is not enough; one decision can change the entire course of your life. This is where regret occurs; young, rash decisions can force you to lose everything. In Christian’s case, he chose to not be a father. His loss was Lizzie and Elizabeth, the family he doesn’t have.                                                                                                                        The only power I had was in today, and I was determined to live every day for Lizzie and Elizabeth. Even if Elizabeth never forgave me, I would live for her.                                                                  What will it take for Elizabeth to forgive Christian? Is it even possible? Some scars are just too deep. This story made me cry in so many parts, the words sucked me in from the very first line. I lost myself in every page. It made me question myself as a parent, a person, a wife. Would I be able to forgive, move on, trust, and love again? All friendship and family dynamics were spot-on. AL writes such versatile characters, she doesn’t sugar coat the mistakes, she owns them, and is able to make you forgive in scenarios you didn’t know were possible. Every question I had was answered, the ending had every element needed to achieve a lasting happily ever after. Thank you AL for your stories.                                                                                                                                              Elizabeth was a gift and Lizzie was my treasure. I would adore my family until the day I died.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Fury review


              Fury is not your typical rockstar story. It still had love, sex, drugs, scandal, and a Goddess, but then it had an element of mystery to keep you guessing the whole way through. It took me a while to really get into the story, but about halfway in, I was captured. The only real issue I had was not being able to connect with all of the characters, there were almost 10 personalities to get into, and I didn't feel some of them.

Cheyenne is a journalist and Steph is a photographer. They are best friends, roomates, and the A-Team at work. They have a huge opportunity to follow the huge band, Fury, through their European tour. Nobody has ever had access to them before now. What kind of guys will the be? There was a lot going, we get to see everything. I really enjoy when there is more to a story than just love. There was a murder to solve, a mysterious assistant, booty betting and a whole lot of schmexiness.

I am looking forward to the second Fury, I feel there was more story to tell. I would love more of a character development for Steph and Phillip, we didn't get enough of them in this novel, and they were my favorites. I love the snarkiness and broody mixed together. I recommend this book. You can see the potential for future stories.                    

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Collide Review by Heather

 Collide by Gail McHugh
 **4 Stars**

I was lucky enough to beta for Gail McHugh, we learned the process together, and I got a front row seat watching Gail turn from my good friend Gail to an author. This review is the hardest one I have ever written, Collide has a very special place in my heart, but I’m pushing forward in the hopes it will get a couple more readers to listen up! **Law and Order chime** This is my honest review…

Collide was quite a trip. Lots of ups and downs. We have a beautiful girl who would not know her self-worth if a bucket full of bottle-caps hit her in the head, a jerk that doesn’t deserve her, and my favorite part of the whole book, one word, Gavin. Gavin, oh Gavin, why couldn’t you be real? Once I started, I could not put it down, I literally called the author multiple times begging for more! My only complaint was I would have loved to see Emily be stronger, there were multiple parts that I wanted to shake her and then steal Gavin, but that’s besides the point. The best friends did have enough strength to even this out though. Olivia and Fallon were such amazing friends, and felt so real.

Emily has just lost her mother, and is on a plane to move closer to her boyfriend Dillon. Dillon is a Douchebag, Dillweed and Dinglehopper, and does not deserve her for even a moment. When Emily gets to her new apartment with her best friend Olivia, we can immediately the issues starting. In walks Gavin, the rich bachelor, who is of course a ladies man. Sparks fly, but how long will Emily and Gavin be able to stay away? Will we see a happily ever after? Will Emily ever figure out Dillon isn’t prince Charming in time? Is there anything better than a Gavin/Gandy Candy combo? And what are these bottle caps everybody keeps posting pictures of?!

Collide left me feeling almost complete, there is a little surprise in the ending, but it gives enough to keep the readers happy, and enough twist to make for an excellent book 2! Yup, that’s right, get writing Gail! I look forward to seeing more of debut author Gail McHugh’s work! 



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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Ten Tiny Breaths by K.A. Tucker review

Ten Tiny Breaths
By K.A. Tucker
 **3.5 Stars**

“Our past isn’t who we are. I’m me and you’re you and that’s who we need to be.”

Ten Tiny Breaths started out so strong, I love damaged characters, I love seeing the transformation, the healing powers of the mind. But, one of the most important elements of a book (at least in my mind), is real-life stories. If the facts would have been accurate, this would have been an easy 4 stars.

Kacey Cleary has been through more in one lifetime than anybody should ever have to endure. She now has the responsibility of raising her teenaged sister Livie. She loves her sister with her entire heart, and is willing to do anything to keep her safe. When they move to Florida, there is a new hottie next door, Trent, who is very into her from the beginning. He is protective, and making an attempt to help Kacey get past her issues, and trust again.

“I’ll make you whole again, Kacey. I promise you, I will,” he whispers. And then his mouth covers mine.

“Give me your heart Kacey. I’ll take everything that comes with it.”

Kacey has too many problems to deal with on her own, and has to lean on Dr. Stayner for professional help, this is where my issue came. Writing a story where a psychiatrist is giving advice, a writer needs to use correct information, even if it’s just googleing mental-disease treatments. Especially in this book, the issues Kacey had were so possible in real-life, the words the good doctor used could have been easily changed to accurate things a psychiatrist would say and do. The book could have still had the same ending, and raised awareness how serious mental diseases are, and how to get help.  

“Yes I do hate him.” I spit back, my voice losing some of it’s strength. I hate Dr. Stayner right now. I hate him because in the back of my mind, I know he’s right.

Ten Tiny Breaths is about becoming whole again. It’s about life after death and loss. Can a brain recover from such loss? Can we ever find our old selves though the dark? Sometimes, it’s best to just breathe.

Take ten tiny breaths. Seize them. Feel them. Love them.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

LU1 & LU2 rafflecotper winner!!

Layla Rummel-Cordwell is our winner! Congrats!
Thank you so much to everyone for entering! We do giveaways with our reviews frequently, so check back:)
Thank you Tina Reber for donating these amazing books! <3 
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Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Upside of Letting Go by Nacole Stayton Cover reveal!

With a past that haunts her, Haley Martin decides the only way to let go is to move. What she doesn’t expect is moving on from her past means creating a new life, alone.
She settles in an Alabama campus and immediately bonds with her roommate, Lucy. The last thing Haley is looking for is any sort of romantic relationship but fate has another plan as her path crosses with a blue-eyed stud. What Haley does not know is that the blue-eyed stud, Kyler King struggles under the weight of burdens caused by his own hidden past.
As the two of them become closer their feelings begin to develop on an intimate level when Haley’s past and present collide with a visit from an old boyfriend. Haley is faced with yet another obstacle when Jude comes to Tuscaloosa to find his high school sweetheart after she skipped town leaving him with a broken heart and unanswered questions.
Jude could never have been prepared to find the woman that left him broken hearted in the arms of someone familiar and all too close.
Will Haley and Kyler’s secrets prove to be too big of an obstacle hindering their happily ever after or will letting go be the key that locks their bond forever? 
release date: April 20, 2013

 Nacole's blog:


Giveaway rules:

Giveaway rules:
 On Sunday the 13th, and Monday the 14th  the 1000 like giveaway will take place ,there is a rafflecopter for Love Unscripted going on in the last post, and the contest for the rest will be done on our facebook, with some help from Angie’s Dreamy Reads and Into The Night Reviews. We will do some fun trivia questions to win. Contest will begin at 9am CST, we will be doing one book at a time. Entrants are only eligible to win one time. The book you win is the book that will be sent to you, so please only play the rounds of the books you want. There will be some book questions, so have your e-readers/books ready! We are all looking forward to playing. Any questions, please contact Word! 

Books in giveaway:
Hopeless by Colleen Hoover
any book from Jillian Dodd
Fury by Michelle Pace and Tammy Coon
Forever my Girl by Heidi McLaughlin
Flat-Out-Love by Jessica Park
Collide by Gail McHugh
Find You in the Dark by A. Meridith Walters
Bad Rep by A. Meridith Walters
any book by CM Stunich
The Arrival of Dawn by Bree Vanderland
Ten Tiny Breaths by K.a. Tucker
Captive in the Dark by CJ Roberts

The Vincent Boys Abbi Glines
The Vincent Brothers Abbi Glines
SIGNED Amanda Hocking Lullaby also hardback of Wake
SIGNED Letting Go by Jennifer Foor
SIGNED Teresa Mummert
SIGNED Consequences by Aleatha Romig
SIGNED Truth by Aleatha Romig
SIGNED any paperback by AL Jackson