Saturday, January 19, 2013

Collide Review by Heather

 Collide by Gail McHugh
 **4 Stars**

I was lucky enough to beta for Gail McHugh, we learned the process together, and I got a front row seat watching Gail turn from my good friend Gail to an author. This review is the hardest one I have ever written, Collide has a very special place in my heart, but I’m pushing forward in the hopes it will get a couple more readers to listen up! **Law and Order chime** This is my honest review…

Collide was quite a trip. Lots of ups and downs. We have a beautiful girl who would not know her self-worth if a bucket full of bottle-caps hit her in the head, a jerk that doesn’t deserve her, and my favorite part of the whole book, one word, Gavin. Gavin, oh Gavin, why couldn’t you be real? Once I started, I could not put it down, I literally called the author multiple times begging for more! My only complaint was I would have loved to see Emily be stronger, there were multiple parts that I wanted to shake her and then steal Gavin, but that’s besides the point. The best friends did have enough strength to even this out though. Olivia and Fallon were such amazing friends, and felt so real.

Emily has just lost her mother, and is on a plane to move closer to her boyfriend Dillon. Dillon is a Douchebag, Dillweed and Dinglehopper, and does not deserve her for even a moment. When Emily gets to her new apartment with her best friend Olivia, we can immediately the issues starting. In walks Gavin, the rich bachelor, who is of course a ladies man. Sparks fly, but how long will Emily and Gavin be able to stay away? Will we see a happily ever after? Will Emily ever figure out Dillon isn’t prince Charming in time? Is there anything better than a Gavin/Gandy Candy combo? And what are these bottle caps everybody keeps posting pictures of?!

Collide left me feeling almost complete, there is a little surprise in the ending, but it gives enough to keep the readers happy, and enough twist to make for an excellent book 2! Yup, that’s right, get writing Gail! I look forward to seeing more of debut author Gail McHugh’s work! 



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