Sunday, January 20, 2013

Fury review


              Fury is not your typical rockstar story. It still had love, sex, drugs, scandal, and a Goddess, but then it had an element of mystery to keep you guessing the whole way through. It took me a while to really get into the story, but about halfway in, I was captured. The only real issue I had was not being able to connect with all of the characters, there were almost 10 personalities to get into, and I didn't feel some of them.

Cheyenne is a journalist and Steph is a photographer. They are best friends, roomates, and the A-Team at work. They have a huge opportunity to follow the huge band, Fury, through their European tour. Nobody has ever had access to them before now. What kind of guys will the be? There was a lot going, we get to see everything. I really enjoy when there is more to a story than just love. There was a murder to solve, a mysterious assistant, booty betting and a whole lot of schmexiness.

I am looking forward to the second Fury, I feel there was more story to tell. I would love more of a character development for Steph and Phillip, we didn't get enough of them in this novel, and they were my favorites. I love the snarkiness and broody mixed together. I recommend this book. You can see the potential for future stories.                    

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