Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Walking Disaster by Jamie McGuire

I received an arc of Walking Disaster in exchange for an honest review.
**4 Stars**

In book one of the Disaster series, Beautiful Disaster, we meet Abby Abernathy. She is the 

good girl at college who tries her best to keep her nose out of trouble and separate herself 

from her past. All of that changes when she meets Travis ‘Maddog’ Maddox. He is the bad 

boy who fights in underground matches and sleeps with as many girls as he can. Abby, w

hom he nicknames Pigeon, is different. She doesn’t fall at his feet and beg him to take her 

home. Soon he falls for the girl who doesn’t make it easy for him.

Book two, Walking Disaster, is the retelling of this story from Travis’ point of view. He has a 

very complicated and sad past and is trying his best to move on from his own demons and 

start a life for himself. While the story line is the same, we get a look into the mind and 

heart of the bad boy who wouldn’t give up.

Walking Disaster is not a stand-alone novel and should only be read after Beautiful Disaster.

The best part about this retelling is the epilogue. We get a glimpse into the future for this 

broken couple and find out if love really is enough.

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