Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Haven From The Storm by Sarah Dosher

**4.75 Stars**

First thought. WOW! I cannot believe this book! These type of books are the reason I wanted to begin blogging, to find the diamond in the rough. The new authors that I can push and pimp and tell others about. The reading world knows I can't stand bubblegum. This is anti-bubblegum. Haven makes you feel and think about your life. You realize what you have really isn't as bad as it could be. We can feel the strength in this young girl, we are crying for a fictional character, and are on the edge of our seats trying to read as quickly as we can to make sure she gets the HEA she deserves. 

Lilly Grace is a sweet, innocent teenage girl whose life is turned upside-down when her mom and brother are killed in a tornado, and she is left with the most abusive father I have ever read. She hides out in her room until he's gone. You see her inner strength shine through. She is fighting through each and every day until she is old enough to get out of there and never look back.

Dean Haven was Lilly's first love, but he left her alone to escape his past. As we all know, you can't escape it forever. Dean comes back with a mission. To win Lilly back and show her what he is, and can be. He knows he messed up, and wants to right his wrongs. Dean is the type of hero I enjoy reading about. He was real, and never tried to act perfect. He just wanted to win the girl's heart back. 

Haven From The Storm has everything I love and need while reading. This is extremely high up on my recommendation list. When an author writes a story about such trivial topics, such as physical and verbal abuse, it needs to be accurate. Sarah did her research here. She pulled it off perfectly. This novel is out on March 30th, make sure you pick it us as soon as it's available, it will not disappoint! Finding a story with strong characters, supportive friends, and a major hunk is rare. Be ready world, Dean and Lilly are about to take over the indie world!

Heather's Dream casting:
Dean Haven
Lilly Grace

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  1. I just finished my ARC copy! I feel the same way! Love this book! I'm posting my review on Friday!