Saturday, March 2, 2013

Wreck Me by J.L. Mac

Wreck Me

By J.L. Mac

 **4.5 MajorSexy Stars**

I know him but I don't. I want him but I don't. I need him but I don't.

J.L. Mac is a newer author that has some pretty major storytelling skills. Wow! I was swept so far into this story, before I knew it, three hours had passed, and my kids were begging for dinner. I had to finish it in one sitting! I felt so attached to Jo. She was me. She had something very rare to see in a book character. Realism. She had one of the sexiest book boyfriends going after her heart, Damon. He knew what he wanted and was not afraid to go get it, no matter the cost.

Jo and Damon have a past that neither one of them can remember. Readers know what it is, and the story is based around them figuring out why they seem so familiar to each other.

Jo had a great mom and dad that died in a tragic accident, and with no family to take her in, she is forced to survive the system. The street is where she learns to live. Jo does not trust, is loyal, and knows how to get the things she needs for life. She rose above it all and is working at a struggling bookstore, she has a small apartment to live and clothes on her back. She has no plans to ever fall in love. Well, until she bumps into a familiar stranger…

Damon is rich and powerful, but harboring some secrets of his own. He was raised by a POS single father, and became the man he is today by striving to be nothing like the man that his father was. He own his own business, likes the finer things in life and has no problems getting women into bed. He has no plans to ever be more than a one-night-stand type of guy. Well, until he runs into a gorgeous girl kicking a thieves ass at a bookstore…


This novella had the best scenes I have ever read, and that’s saying a lot. Some scenes border on S&M, but they never cross the line. It’s simply super-hot naughty-time. I felt for Jo the whole way through, while you watch her walls slowly fall around her. There is a scene where Damon buys her a closet full of clothes, and you want to cry for her. This is a girl that barely has money to eat, and she is given everything by a man that obviously cares deeply about her. He wants her to have everything she didn’t get growing up. He wants to replace the hurt with love, and there is no way to not fall in love with Damon while you read it. Major swoon.  This book is a major cliffhanger, but the second comes out very soon, I highly recommend this book to everyone!

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