Monday, March 4, 2013

Metamorphosis by Erin Noelle


                                         By: Erin Noelle

**2 Stars**

This was a book that I bought based on cover, which I really need to quit doing, BTW. I wanted to love it, but it ended up being the same exact book I’ve read 20 times before.L Virgin meets schmexy badboy, and wants to get funky between the sheets asap.

Scarlett goes from an overly-sheltered childhood to college in a dorm with her best friend Evie. She meets three guys she falls for. Mason, the sweet one (and the obvious choice in my eyes.) Ash, the badboy manwhore. And Dylan. I don’t know why a love-square was even necessary, but to each her own, I guess. The word instalove was so overused in this story. I’m not a fan of love at first site in general (sometimes it works, but most cases, it doesn’t) but here, it was used with three different boys.
Our protagonist, Scarlett was the virgin that saw nothing special in herself, then goes out and makes every boy drool. She couldn’t make a decision about who she wanted. This was supposed to be a girl morphing into a woman, but honestly, there was no morphing until the last chapter, and then it was just rushed. I wasn’t feeling her at all. Her best friend Evie, on the other hand seemed like lots of fun!
The boys… Ash was the everybook manwhore. He immediately felt something “different” about Scarlett, of course. And wanted to change for her within two minutes of meeting. There wasn’t really any buildup, it was so rushed and I couldn’t feel anything for their relationship. Mason was sweet and made her feel special, I don’t understand why we couldn’t have just had a bit of a triangle between Mason and Ashton. Why did we have to add another? Dylan, he was a pointless character. Enough said.
The book itself… It needed a professional editor. Every book does. I know people will disagree with that statement, but I stand behind my words 100%. Every book needs an editor. You’re presenting yourself as a professional writer; the material needs to be up to par. A lot of the sentences were choppy, needed to be re-fragmented.
Now for what I did like… I loved the book references, which added an edge, and gave Scarlett a little personality I could relate with. All the talk about BBF’s was great. And I adored Evie. She was what a protagonist should be. She had personality, spunk, sass, edge, and was comfortable in her own skin.

So, all-in-all, this was not the book for me, it was just too bubblegum and unoriginal for my tastes. I tried, I read it, I kept an open mind, hoping the end would appeal, but I just couldn’t get into it. Here was the quote that kept me reading:
That’s just the thing, I love so many of our book boyfriends, ALL of them actually,” I giggled as the wine was definitely starting to have some effect on me. “Sometimes I think I’d like the All-American, college frat boy, maybe even one with a bit of a wild side. But then I think about our beloved tattooed bad boy rockers and I think about tracing their tattoos with my tongue… yummy indeed.”

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