Wednesday, December 5, 2012

An Interview with Vanessa from Stalk Me and an Autographed Copy of Kiss Me GIVEAWAY!!

Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule ruling the school, Vanessa. I'll make sure to tweet and Facebook about it when we're through.

When Keatyn was new to the school, did you and RiAnne handpick her to be popular?

I wouldn't say that RiAnne had any part of the decision. I felt that Keatyn and I would get along well and that we would be, by far, the two prettiest girls in our school. Even as an a freshman, I was prepared to make an impact. RiAnne is sweet, but she's a follower.

Are you happy with your decision to take Mandy down the way you did?

Absolutely. It was brilliant. And I don't care what anyone thinks of my tactics. No one-- and I mean, no one-- should be drugged and taken advantage of. If you do that, you are the lamest of lame and probably a total loser like Mandy.

What 5 words would you use to best describe yourself?

Intelligent, beautiful, leader, confident, fashionable.

Next year is senior year! Any big parties planned out yet?

There will always be epic parties. I'm dating a lacrosse player and he lives in a gorgeous home in the Malibu hills. Private. Parents rarely home. Great place to party.

This will never get back to Keaton, I promise. What do you really think of Keatyn?

I think she has was kind of stupid, because she never fully took advantage of all she had. If she did, she might give me a run for my money, but she's too sweet to scheme. It's her downfall, really. She was lucky she had me.

Who is the flavor of the month for you right now? Any progress with Cush yet?

Haven't you heard about Cush? You must be out of the loop. Like I said, I'm dating the hottest lacrosse player. We are now the perfect couple that everyone wishes they could be. Since Keatyn left, my life keeps getting better and better.

What is the word on the street for where Keatyn went, my money's on rehab? ;)

I'm afraid I was sworn to secrecy about that.

Thank you so much for taking time out of your school-reigning schedule to answers questions for Word! Heather and Robin.

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