Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Edge of Never Review

"Be honest with me. Be honest with yourself!" His hands wave outward toward me in gesture. "CAMR-"
"I want you goddammit!" I scream at him. "The thought of you leaving and never seeing you again tears-me-up-inside!" My throat burns like fire. "I can't fucking breathe without you!"
"Say it Son-of-a-bitch," he says, exasperated, "just say it!"
"I want you to own me!" I can hardly stand on my own anymore. Sobs rock my entire body. My eyes sting and my heart hurts like it never has before.

Kindof a long quote, but it feels like the only one that does it justice. I was worried reading the first half of The Edge of Never, everybody raved about it so much, and I don't like it, but it really picked up after about 48%.

Jacob and Camryn are two strangers on a bus for their own reasons. They meet by chance, and take the roadtrip of a lifetime together.

Oh, and I love this cover, I want Camryn's hair super bad. Not really a part of this review, but in general, I don't like faces on covers, I take them too literal, and have a hard time picturing the characters when the cover is ugly, I loved this one and the cover helped:)

Review by Heather

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