Monday, December 3, 2012

CJ Roberts/Caleb interview!!!

I go CJ Roberts to sit down and do a little interview for Word. She is a rockstar. And we love her to death. CITD and SITD are high up on our list of favorites! Enjoy!
First off, thank you for taking a minute to do an interview for us. Your smutty bitches appreciate it.
CJ: Thank you! I appreciate every one of my smutty bitches. LOL!
Where did the inspiration come from for CITD and SITD?
CJ: I’ve answered this question a lot and each time, I think the answer is a little varied. I suppose, in the end, it was a combination of things. I’m a nervous person and often worry about things that are implausible. I was lonely and bored. I often think about my own nature and the nature of others. I have a thing for bad guys. No one was writing the story I wanted to read.
But ultimately, the answer is simply this – I HAD TO WRITE IT! I couldn’t sleep until I started, and for many, many nights until I finally finished.
How long did it take you to write your badass books?
CJ: I started in 2002 and wrote ‘The End’ on July 4th, 2012.
Did you rehearse any naughty scenes with the hubbs?!
CJ: As a writer I attempt to employ all my skills in the creation of my art. LOL!
How is Agent Reed coming along?
CJ: Slowly. I never intended to be a full-time writer. I’ve always loved to write, but I never thought it would be a career. The Dark Duet was a burst of pure inspiration and it was a story I was compelled to tell. I thought I’d quit writing when it was finished, but to be honest, the fans have really inspired me to try and continue to outdo myself and to reach for the next precipice. That takes time, so I’m really trying to dig deep for what I want to accomplish with Reed.
My books have a solid cult following, but mainstream success has been nearly impossible to achieve. I’m hoping to break through with my next novel, while at the same time remaining true to myself and the fans. I would be nowhere without them.
Will you spank me/can I spank you?
CJ: Come to my next book signing and we’ll see. ;)
Why isn't there a picture of you doing something inappropriate to Charlie Hunnam?!
CJ: LMAO! First, my husband was there and he could give two craps about someone being famous if he were to get angry. He takes a lot from me, but I TRY to take it easy on him when possible. Second, I wanted him to take me seriously when I approached him about the books. Like I said, I’m trying to make this shit happen!
Do you miss being a dominant?
Caleb: I’m offended by the question. Next.
How is Livvie doing?
Caleb: Sophia – is fine. I take care of her and while I don’t know too much about these things, I think she’s happy. You should ask her yourself.
What is your favorite position, past and present?
Caleb: The one where I make Sophia beg me to stop making her cum. *smirk* Whatever you might think, I’m still fond of the begging.
Say something naughty to me, please master.
Caleb: I’m not anyone’s master. Not anymore.
Will you spank me/can I spank you (this will be our secret, we don't want CJ to find out I'm cheating on her.)?
Caleb: I know, CJ. She’d find out. Also, you’re out of your mind if you’d presume to spank me and as for me spanking you…well, there’s only one person to have earned the privilege of being spanked by me and I’m fairly certain you aren’t her.
Are we done now? I promised to do this for Sophia, but really.


  1. Hehe boy do I love Caleb... And CJ of course for bringing Caleb to us! ^_^ Awesome interview!!!

  2. What a treat this was!!! CJ is so awesome and talented. And Caleb.....HOT!! Dark Duet will always be my favorite :) Thanks so much for this interview!

  3. haha! CJ you're awesome woman! love you and Caleb <3

  4. LOL!!! Love CJ! and Caleb...... Oh boy! let me not get all hot 'n bothered here. "I'm offended by that question. Next." lol